About Jo Maughan career coach

Jo Maughan career coach

Hi, I’m Jo. I’m a career coach and artist.

I offer career coaching to successful professionals like you who are at a career or life crossroads. Whether you’re at the point where you know you can’t carry on living your life this way, or you’re having some sort of midlife crisis, I’ll help you work out what you really want, and what you want to change.

I’ve been there. I used to be unhappy and couldn’t work out what was wrong until I got myself a career coach. I also had some therapy and counselling.

Here’s my story…

(Sometimes you just need to know that someone else has been through it, eh?) 

My path to becoming a career coach

During my 20s, I enjoyed my work and career. I worked hard to qualify as a chartered accountant and got promoted quickly. I couldn’t believe my luck – how come I, the clever girl from the local comprehensive, was in a meeting with the Finance Director of a FTSE-100 company?

By my mid-30s, I had the sense something was missing, but what? When I paused to let myself feel the uncomfortable feeling, I thought I needed a new challenge. I took on a series of new roles. When I look back, I was trying to prove myself to myself. By 40 and now at BP, I was working long and hard. I still had a social life but it was all super organised and scheduled in around work and business trips.

My six-figure-salary bought me lovely clothes, handbags, holidays in far-off places, plus a gorgeous home in Guildford. I had it all, didn’t I? So why did I feel unhappy?

My sense of being ‘at sea’ grew when I took on a challenging new role. I felt out of my depth. My gut told me I needed to get better at….

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Nowadays, I can truly say I’m contented. I love supporting mid-life professionals like you to re-think your lives, plus I love making bright & quirky art.

What am I like?

Let’s start with what I believe.

I believe you’re meant to shine; that you’re meant to be making your unique contribution to the world in your unique way and through that find contentment. I want to do my part to help you find that balance, fulfilment and happiness whatever it looks like for you.

What are my values?

I value openness, trust and fun. Now in my 50’s, I’m focusing on living my purpose and creating my legacy. I don’t yet know what I want my legacy to be, but I’m working on it, which says something else about my values – I value living consciously rather than on automatic pilot.

Career coaching session between Jo Maughan and client

What do clients say?

Clients most often say I’m calm and help them think. They also say I’m gentle yet challenging, have personal warmth and am a bit quirky. Find out more by reading my testimonials.

My professional credentials

I set up my coaching business – Your Thinking Partner – in 2012. I’m an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (2014), and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (2007). I coach private individuals like you as well as clients who come to me via corporate programmes. These clients may work with international law firms, FTSE-100 companies and more. I’m also proud to a long-standing Fellow Coach with the online coaching company BetterUp.

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The artist side of me – in case you’re curious

It may be that part of the reason why you’re feeling unfulfilled is because you’re not expressing a piece of you. That was certainly one of the reasons why I felt like something was ‘off’ with me. Now I’m back in touch with that part of me, my life feels ‘right’ and I feel happy. In case you’re curious, here are come of my creations:

Painting of abstract flowers in a window at night.
‘At Night’ Mixed media original
Bold painting of a rooster called Bruce
‘Bruce, the Rooster’ Mixed media original
A line of bold rooster tea towels on a washing line
Bruce, the Rooster tea towel. 100% cotton, made in England.

Bruce, the Rooster, tea towels make a fun gift that’s practical and easy to post. Click to buy.

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