I’ve worked with some wonderful clients over the last 10+ years, and am thrilled to share some of their generous testimonials.

“With Jo’s help I was able to see a pattern in my roles and work out what drives me. I’m now clearer on how I can make my unique contribution. Thank you Jo!”

Leader, social enterprise
Career coaching session between Jo Maughan and client

“Coaching sessions with Jo were both challenging and full of caring attention. She took me on a wonderful journey to explore my beliefs. Her questions provoked me to think and look closer at the matters concerning me. In one sentence – I fully trust her. Thank you Jo.”

HR Business Partner, chemicals company

“I contacted Jo when I was trying to decide whether it was the right time for me to retire. Our sessions was so valuable in my decision-making. Jo was able to make me feel at ease talking about myself, not an easy task! Her professionalism, focus and knowledge are exceptional. Jo’s creative use of the tools at her disposal helped me greatly in understanding myself and enabling me to create goals for retirement. I am so glad to have worked with Jo.”

Katrina, Programme Director

“I attended one of Jo’s introductory sessions and she is amazing. She really helped me to appreciate what I do in life and where to place my boundaries at work. I have plucked up the courage to follow my passion and launch my own small business since our session, something Jo encouraged me to do. Jo is a breathe a fresh air, very contagious and a wonderful human being to be around, highly recommended, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

Rachel, Paralegal

“I’ve been working with Jo for several years now. I cannot recommend her enough. Jo has helped guide me in a number of situations. When I was feeling confused about what I wanted to do career wise and had lost my inspiration, Jo helped me find my own inner compass and to create my own inner vision for the future. When I wanted to create more meaning in my life, Jo was again able to guide me towards that through looking at inner barriers and breaking them down. Even though I set time aside to listen to myself, my needs and desires, I sometimes get stuck. Jo has been wonderful at guiding me in those situations in a gentle way using techniques which are focused on listening to my own inner guidance, as opposed to the contradictive ideas of success and meaning in the external world. Thank you Jo for your dedication and support.”

Amy, International Development Leader & Author

“I had already made the leap out of corporate life when I first spoke with Jo. A health scare had forced the issue and after 25 years in senior roles I had resigned and was looking for something new. I wanted a complete change. A more balanced world where my family and I came before my job. The challenge I faced was that I didn’t really know where to start.

I had various interests which I considered exploring from a business perspective, but I kept finding reasons not to break out of my comfort zone and was in danger of heading back to the world I had just escaped from. Jo had a very calm and patient approach, whilst at the same time challenging me to reflect on myself and address the issues which were preventing me from changing direction.

At the end of the day, she helped me to realise that I needed to give myself permission to break away from the past and to do what I wanted to do, not what others may expect me to do. And now I am. A whole portfolio of interests are being explored and the future is evolving. From an original position of feeling quite “lost”, I now feel invigorated. With Jo’s help, I have a new direction and purpose for the next chapter of my life.”

Neill, Senior Finance Professional
Phone call between coaching client and Jo Maughan
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