Career coaching programmes and fees

Career coach Jo Maughan talking with a coaching client

Silver career coaching programme

  • Bespoke coaching programme over 6 months.
  • Detailed on-boarding to set you up for success – 45 mins initial coaching session once you’ve completed your personalised, on-boarding questionnaire.
  • 5 coaching sessions (in person or over the phone/ zoom) of 75 minutes each.
  • Homework between sessions e.g. Strengths Finder, reflection exercises etc.
  • Text or email support between sessions.
  • Mid-programme check-in call between sessions 3 and 4 of up to 1 hour to review progress.
  • End of programme coaching call to support you with your next steps.
  • I am beside you throughout the programme as you explore, develop and decide your way forward.
  • Investment: £300 per month for 6 months, plus an initial deposit of £100. No VAT.

Self-led, mostly online career coaching programme

  • A self-led career coaching programme with light support from me.
  • Coach yourself through the first 4 steps of my Rethink Your Life system by working through five sets of easy-to-follow exercises which I send you.
  • Welcome call with me lasting 20 mins to set you off on the right foot.
  • Single 75 mins coaching session with me over the phone or zoom.
  • Follow-up 30 mins coaching call with after you’ve finished the programme to hold you to account on your actions.
  • Investment: £379. No VAT.
  • Payment up front.

Gold career coaching programme

  • Bespoke coaching programme over 6-12 months.
  • I coach you through all 7 steps of my Rethink Your Life system.
  • As many coaching sessions as you need either face-to-face or over the phone/ zoom.
  • I am beside you all the way – from explore to decision to implementation.
  • Coaching session length as preferred by you – up to 90 minutes each.
  • Detailed on-boarding to set you up for success – you complete your tailored on-boarding questionnaire, then we have a coaching session to discuss.
  • Homework between sessions e.g. Strengths Finder, reflection exercises etc.
  • Unlimited text and email support between sessions.
  • A telephone check-in between sessions.
  • Investment: £7,000. No VAT.
  • Initial deposit required, then payment by instalment.

Single, intensive coaching session

  • A one-off, transformational coaching session to get you unstuck.
  • Face-to-face at my home office or we hire a private meeting room.
  • For up to 6 hours, depending what you need.
  • Telephone discussion and preparatory questionnaire before your session.
  • Follow-up coaching call after your session (at a time of your choosing) to support you with your next steps.
  • Investment £875. No VAT.
  • Initial deposit required. Balance payable at the end of the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a career coach?

The best thing to do in my view is to follow some coaches on LinkedIn to get to know them a bit, then book a free consultation with a couple that you relate to. During and after the call, ask yourself if there’s a ‘click’, if you can trust this person, and whether you think the person can challenge you to think differently. If not, carry on looking.

I’m not sure how many sessions I’ll need. What if I need more or fewer sessions?

My aim is to facilitate you to reach your coaching goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. That said, it can be tricky to know how many sessions you’ll need when we start off. No problem. If you need fewer, we’ll end the coaching programme early. If you need more, you can top up with more sessions. Sounds fair?

When is a good time to hire a career coach?

When you’ve been stuck for some time and you know in your heart of hearts that you’re just going to keep going round in circles. Basically, inside you know you need to be jolted out of your current mindset by someone who’s independent, a good listener and has no agenda – a coach won’t offer you advice like your friends, nor will they be concerned about how your new choices will affect them like your family members may be.

What if the pace of your programme isn’t right for me?

The stated length of my programmes is a guide. When we have our on-boarding coaching session, we’ll discuss when you want to have reached your goals by and the pace. We then adjust the pace of the coaching programme and the cadence of sessions to match you.

Contact me

If you’re thinking you may want to work with me, let’s discuss your situation and how I may be able to help you.

I’m a friendly soul and a good listener. What do you have to loose? Just getting unstuck?

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