Jo Maughan career coach

How does career coaching work?

I help you rethink. I do this by listening to you. I ask you questions – things that no one’s asked you before. I suggest homework (targeted exercises & reflections) for you to do between sessions. I might guide you to do a visualisation of your ideal day. Bit by bit, you get clearer & work out what changes you need. Together, we develop an action plan to achieve them. At all times, I’m your thinking partner and your #1 supporter. You get full access to all my experience, knowledge and professional network – in the coaching sessions and in between too.

Happy coaching clients

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Let’s work together…

Whether you want 1-1 coaching, some mindful reflection time, or tips & ideas to help you find your way, learn more by clicking below.


I offer a variety of different coaching programmes.

Mindful Walk

My next mindful walk day is on 21 June 2024 in Guildford.


Visit my blog to get tips and inspiration on how to work & live with more balance, fulfillment and joy.

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