Anna’s* story – how career coaching helped her

* not her real name.

Career coach Jo Maughan talking with a coaching client

Anna was feeling fed-up, stressed and unhappy.

She’d been doing the same thing in the same organisation for years and no longer liked it.

She didn’t really know why.

Also, her role had recently moved into a new department and she’d been told it would come to an end. She didn’t know what to do – she was worried about being pigeon-holed, and worried about losing her job.

Anna had a free, 45 min Discovery Session with me

In her free discovery session, Anna had a light bulb moment. She realised that if she left her current organisation, she was scared she’d be a failure. She really ‘got’ how deep rooted this fear was: it showed up in the tentative way she sometimes spoke; how she relied on others to take her ideas forward; and how she kept her true interests hidden. If only she could get free of this fear.

She signed up for my silver coaching programme. Here’s what happened:

  • First off, she filled in my on-boarding questionnaire, telling me how she liked to think, feel, make decisions. This set us up for five months of powerful work together.
  • She realised her fear of failure stemmed from her parents being very keen on her doing well at school and always wanting high grades.
  • She came to appreciate her values and strengths, and how these set her apart from others. She realised she could talk about these things as her Unique Selling Points.
  • She connected emotionally with just how much she feared being truly seen as herself, and appreciated how much this was blocking her from doing what she really wanted.
  • I took her through my Perfect Day visualisation exercise. By doing that, Anna created a vision in her mind’s eye seeing herself live out her ideal day. She saw and felt herself being truly happy. She realised she wanted to work with like-minded people on something that mattered to her; that really resonated with her values.
  • This vision motivated her to make changes and move forward.

Anna said:

“I was feeling very drained of energy and stressed about my career. I was going through a rough time at work, my contract was ending, and I also felt my work was not very meaningful to me. I had no clue how to move forward: do all I could to hold onto my job even though it was not fulfilling, or to do something more fulfilling, but what? I knew I had potential to do more but I did not know what. I was waking up with anxiety attacks, and felt my self-esteem declining rapidly. I got an email from Jo about a free Discovery Session, and I thought this might be a sign, especially as her email seemed to describe my problem.

I had 5 sessions with Jo. They really helped me out of my rut. We focused on finding what I wanted to do because that was my biggest problem. I realised I had the answers inside of me, I just needed to go inside and search. Six months later, I have focused on projects that are more meaningful to me, and more importantly focused on my vision to publish my book and connect with similar minded people. If I hadn’t worked with Jo, I would still be clueless as to what I wanted to do, and what I am passionate about at this stage in my life. Thankfully, I now have a vision to inspire me and work towards.”

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